Altai Wildrye Prairieland Dry to Moderate Good for Winter Grazing
Bromegrass Carlton Moderate to Moist Good Forage,Northern Type
Creeping Red Fescue Boreal Moderate to Moist Good Foothills Pasture
Crested Wheatgrass Fairway Dry to Moist Short, Fine-Stemmed
  Nordan Dry Taller, Good Seeding Vigor
Intermediate Wheatgrass Chief Moderate Easy to Establish
Kentucky Bluegrass   Moist Good Under Irrigation
Meadow Bromegrass Fleet Moderate to Moist Better Regrowth & Drought Tolerance
Orchardgrass Paiute Moderate to Moist Best for Irrigated Pasture
Pubescent Wheatgrass Greenleaf Moderate Easy to Establish
Reed Canarygrass Venture Moist to Wet Tolerated Flooding and Alkali
Russian Wildrye Sawki Dry to Moderate Slow to Establish
  Swift Dry to Moderate Good Establishment Vigor
Slender Wheatgrass Revenue Dry to Moderate Moderate Alkali Tolerance
Streamband Wheatgrass Sodar Dry to Moderate Best for Yards and Runways
Tall Fescue Fawn Moderate Moderate Alkali Tolerance
Tall Wheatgrass Orbit Moderate to Wet Most Alkali Tolerance
Timothy Alma Moist Good Hay Type
  Champ Moist Dual-Purpose Type
  Climax Moist Tall Growing
  Farol   Late maturing, de-hy type


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