The health and well being of horses, their stable hands and all animals in general depend on healthy lungs.  Poor air quality can contribute to various respiratory disorders in horses and in the people who care for them.  There are 4 main causes of poor air quality in barns.

Here is how we can help with

1.   Ammonia from bacteria breaking down urine and feces


“A friend of mine, who is not necessarily a horse person, dropped by to look at how great my horses are doing; she commented that “you would not even know that we kept horses in the barn at night”.  I apply the DryStart when cleaning the stalls and find that the material settles very quickly, is easily applied and really does have a substantial impact on decreasing the urine smell in my barn.  I am very happy that feedstore to-your-door introduced me to DryStart.”

Kathleen, Strathcona

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Here is how we can help with:  2. Dust from bedding material

Studies have shown that bedding material can add a lot of dust to the horses environment.  We have found a great supplier of pine shavings in easy to handle bags of 3 cu ft (9 cu ft before compression)

These are great for everyday use or when travelling.

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Here is How We can Help:  3.  Poor Barn Ventilation – Proper ventilation when cleaning is important to minimize dust particles that can be inhaled by horses and people.   It is best to remove horses from the barn during cleaning.

Here is How We can Help:  4.  Dust from Hay and Feed Materials

In some cases this could be as easy as soaking the hay for about 30 minutes prior to feeding to wet the dust down.   Or the feeding of Hay Cubes could be an alternative.

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