I t is always a challenge to have healthy herds.  Proper bioavialablity of vitamins and minerals is important to maintain optimum production and health of your herd.   Feedstore to your door has three offerings.

  1.  ISF Minerals – herbageum flavoured minerals in a mash form.
  2. SweetPro Supplement Blocks – Supplement block with vegetable protein sources, prebiotics, and minerals.  Cold pressed no molasses easy supplement method.   Follow link to SweetPro Page
  3. Cargill Weatherized mineral mash, Link to Cargill Page

ISF Beef Minerals and ISF Dairy Minerals provide a variety of mineral choices to match the need of your herd.  Cattle minerals are made with highly bioavailable sources and are flavoured with herbageum for easy uptake.

At least 17 minerals are required by beef cattle. Vitamins, in addition to being vital, are required in adequate amounts to enable animals to efficiently utilize other nutrients. High-quality forages and/or grains furnish a large portion of the required minerals but they don’t provide all of them and – very important – there is a great variability in the mineral and vitamin content of these feeds. With this in mind, ISF developed a new line of vitamin/mineral supplements for beef cattle, with a low inclusion rate but concentrated enough to provide the required nutrients for the different types and phases of beef production. In addition, the ISF line of special feed additives can be combined with the beef supplements whenever a special need arises, providing the ISF customer with a complete line of beef products.
All vitamin/mineral supplements in this line, when fed at the recommended feeding rate, will supplement the base diet with the required quantities of the major minerals – Calcium, Phosphorus, Magnesium and Sodium will provide all the trace minerals and vitamins needed for beef production. Herbs and spices flavouring has been included in all ISF products with the name Herbageum to help improve palatability and rumination.

Beef Dry Cow
Beef Nurse Cow
These two supplements are formulated for the dry and nursing phases of production. Both have the same high levels of vitamins and trace minerals, but differ in the levels of Calcium and Phosphorus. Dry cows need less Calcium but more Phosphorus. This helps avoid problems at calving. Nurse cows need more Calcium to face the increase in milk production after calving.
Feedlot Specific
Feedlot cattle are fed high quantities of grain. These diets are normally very poor in Calcium. Feedlot Specific corrects this problem. At the same time, due to it’s fortification in Vitamin E it’s suited to be used in most of the premium beef programs.
Cattle Specific
This is an all purpose supplement specially formulated for growing animals, like beef or dairy replacement heifers. Its high levels of vitamins and trace minerals and balanced levels of Calcium, Phosphorus and Magnesium make it a well suited product for different type of diets.
Pasture Specific
A free choice vitamin mineral supplement for animals on pasture. It has a special pak of organic minerals, including Zinc, Copper and Manganese to help keep hoof health and strength.

Take a look at some of our other beef and dairy cattle products.  

To enhance the environment of barn stalls, calf hutches, and calving areas drySTART is an excellent product.

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Enhance and maintain rumen microbial balance with Stockmans Choice Probiotics for Beef Cattle           

Calving season places stress on cow and calve.  After calving, when you are giving your calve Se shots, ADE vitamins also give the calf 10 cc of Stockmans Choice Probiotic Paste to aid in healthy gut development.  When calves are born their digestive tract is free of any microbes, which can make the calve subject to colonization by the incorrect microflora, circumvent this with the addition of the Stockmans Choice paste to aid in a healthier calf.  Stockmans Choice has proprietary protected Biosaf yeast for better efficacy.