Animal Drying Agent for a Healthier Animal and Human environment



“A friend of mine, who is not necessarily a horse person, dropped by to look at how great my horses are doing; she commented that “you would not even know that we kept horses in the barn at night”.  I apply the DryStart when cleaning the stalls and find that the material settles very quickly, is easily applied and really does have a substantial impact on decreasing the urine smell in my barn.  I am very happy that feedstore to-your-door introduced me to DryStart.”

Kathleen, Strathcona

drySTART is a fine powdered, all natural animal drying agent.  It is used worldwide in a variety of industries and is well researched.  Click on the link below for particular studies.

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Industry Research Paper Link
Mult-Species DryStartBrochure
Mult-Species drySTART Research Summary v2
Multi-Species Effacity of drySTART in Reducing Ammonia In Vitro
Dairy Effacity of drySTART in Reducing Bacteria Colonies Dairy
Dairy / (Equine potential) Foot Problems in Dairy Cows – (Same results and process may potentially provide horses with the same results when treating Thrush or Whiteline )
Poultry Effacity of drySTART in Reducing Bacteria Colonies Poultry
Swine Efficacy of drySTART in Reducing Bacteria Colonies Swine

Application methods will vary with the location that the drySTART is being applied into.

Click Here to view different Application Methods;  Applicator Methodsdrystart

In the Equine, Dairy, Goat, and Sheep industry, initial application is a thin layer – just like you missed doing some dusting for a week or so – over the entire stall area.  Once the odour has been depleted then application would occur as required, usually a couple times a week in the wet spots of the stall.  This also works for trailers and litter boxes.

In the swine, poulty and transportation industries when the entire building is emptied than the blower or tractor mounted unit can be used for application.   Don’t just believe me,  read what some drySTART users are saying

Dairy Milking Goat Operation Andre Sylvia Turcotdrystart
Swine Operation Haut – St Lawerncedrystart
Equine Seelster Farmsdrystart11x17 Shelly Hamiltondrystart Thiessendrystart Frehlick Quarter Horses,
Dairy Spruit Farmsdrystart

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