Permeable Paving Solutions to control mud and provide ground stability.  The interlocking grid system is flexible, moving with our frost conditions to prevent cracks.  The system also allows water to pass through to replenish ground water systems, instead of running off into streams.

The applications are enormous, where ever your imagination can take you. Available in sizes that match your specific needs.

E30E30 – 1″ depth great for House and Garden, Ponds, Walking paths, Decks, Hot Tub bases, Embankments and Fixtures.

X30 – 1 ” depth for poultry runs, stabilize paving stones, light use area

E40 – 1 1/2″ depth, great for Open Stables, Exercise Areas, Paddocks, Washing Areas, Trailer Loading, Mud Control around Water Troughs, Pedestrian and Animal Footpaths, Driveway and Roadways, Parking Areas, Indoor or Outdoor Arenas

E50 – 2″ depth great for Cattle squeezes and sorting chutes, High traffic areas, Gates, Turnaround areas, Entrances for Equipment Storage and Shops, Heavy machinery and Equipment Access Roads

Bloxx in RubberBLOXX – 2″ depth work in Holding Areas, Farm management areas, Loading areas, Hot tub bases, Decks and Patios

See Installation Guides (at bottom of page) for complete details.



Why Ecoraster®?

  1. Environmentally-sustainable permeability allows surface water to soak through the soil and plants, which do an excellent job of filtering out pollutants, and therefore helps maintain ground water quality and avoid environmental problems caused by storm water runoff.
  2. By providing a solid structure for soil, Ecoraster® prevents soil compaction, further decreasing storm water runoff and preventing soil erosion.
  3. Ecoraster® GeoGrid system provides ground stability while reducing amount and costs of sub grade material
  4. Made from 100% recycled plastics
  5. Ecoraster® comes with a 20 year manufacturer’s warranty. Ecoraster® has been in use for over 20 years. In those 20 years, there have been no major defects in the product from correct installations.
  6. Entire production from recycling to shipping is done at the same factory for superior quality control and product consistency
  7. Made from LDPE (Low Density Polyethylene) allowing for higher compressive strength and enables product to withstand our low winter temperatures.
  8. Patented interlocking mechanism needs no additional clips and creates the strongest geogrid connection on the market
  9. Packaged as 12 squares pre-connected, making for a fast installation!  (14.31 sq/ft per layer)

For Equine Specific Applications 

EquineApplication Guide EcoRaster

Ecoraster General Installation Guide Nov 2015

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