Descriptive and Informative data for our various mixtures can be found here:All Legumes pre-inoculated with Nitragin Gold.

  We supply these as standard hay and pasture blends, if you need a custom blend please contact us
Parkland Mixture     

Parkland Mixture with Meadow Bromegrass       

Mixture “B” – for Semi Dry Dark Brown Soils
Mixture “D” for Pastures
Mixture “G” for Hay
Mixture “I” for Hay
Mixture”J” for Hay
Mixture “K” for Hay & Pasture       

Lowland Mixture       

Hi-Pro Ranchman’s Pasture Mixture       

Hi-Pro Ranchman’s Pasture Mixture  NO CLOVER       

Alternative Livestock Mixtures
(Buffalo, Deer, Elk, Sheep)      


 Please note that seed quantities can fluctuate over the season.  Order Early to avoid disappointment.