hay cubes single

  • AlfaTec Timothy/Alfalfa Blend that consists of 40% alfalfa, 40% timothy grass, 20% mix grasses, Available in 20 kg bags.


  • Ontario Dehy Timothy Complete (Formerly Timothy Balance) cubes that are Timothy Grass blended with beet pulp for a non-structural carb below 10%.  Perfect for horses that have Insulin Resistance, Cushings, or Equine Metabolic Syndrome.  Available in 50 lb bags.
HAY CUBES and  pellets can be fed to livestock as a sole source of forage or as a high quality supplement. Timothy & Alfalfa cubes Timothy Pellets and alfalfa pellets are a versatile feed that can be used in a variety of rations from horse feed to creep feed.
Timothy & Alfalfa cubes and alfalfa pellets are the next best forage to that standing in the field.
For consistent nutrient quality, ease of handling, and less dust in an economical package, choose hay cubes for positive results!


The  ALFA TEC Advantage:

  • Alfalfa, the queen of forages, is processed into alfalfa cubes and alfalfa pellets to maintain optimum nutrient quality year round!
  • Locally grown with supply from Legal, Alberta.
  • Feeding processed  alfalfa cubes and alfalfa pellets can reduce feed wastage up to 25%.
  • ALFA TEC alfalfa cubes are virtually dust and mold free and their small size is suited to numerous feeding applications.
  • Technical product quality factors are closely monitored in house as well as by an independent laboratory and knowledgeable staff.
  • Excellent sources of highly digestible energy, protein, mineral, vitamins and fiber.
  • Consistent nutrient quality in convenient and easy to handle forms.

Providing your livestock natural feed
alternatives in Canada for over 30 years.


Timothy/Alfalfa Cubes are a great combination of Timothy Grasses combined with Alfalfa to create a forage that is around 13% Crude Protein.  These work as an addition to an existing hay supply that may be variable or low in nutrients.

Alfalfa Cubes

Alfalfa Pellets are around a 17% crude protein.  This is a method of supplying additional protein to a horses diet with the added of advantage of highly soluble Calcium and natural method neutralizing stomach acids.