Imagine feed you need just showing up in your feedroom!!

“I thought I would trot over to tell you feedstore to-your-door delivered my feed again, right on time.”


Yes it is that simple. Our three step process is as simple as we can make it.

  1. You receive reminder email about one week ahead of time
  2. You check your supplies and send email back
  3. We bring your requested product to your feed room

Reliable                Timely              Reputable

Our service is on a regular schedule every 4 weeks into your area around Greater Edmonton.

Give us a call at 780-460-9442 or toll free at 877-460-9442 to find out when we will be in your area next.

Or us our contact page for email responses.

  • Have you ever gone to your feed room finding that supplies are running low?
  • Do you find it frustrating and/or inconvenient to fit the stop at the feed store into your trip home from work?
  • Would you like the convenience of having a dependable and timely supply of feed easily accessible in your feed room

feedstore to-your-door has the timely, reliable and easy solution providing reputable, quality products.

Our process allows you to have a constant supply of food, supplements and other essentials for your horses, dogs, cats and other companion or farm animals.

We deliver to rural stables and farms with herds from 1 to 250 animals.

Our delivery service is exemplary, however, sometimes shortages occur or animal health changes occur between route deliveries.  Or you just need a few bags.  We do our best to make the purchase of your animal and pet products as EASY as possible, we now have Pick up available at our warehouse..