We offer a wide variety of feed to satisfy any horses diet and nutritional needs.
If you are looking for a Ration Balancer (high protein, low feeding rate, low calories) than take a look at Tribute Equine Nutrition Ration Balancer.  The Fixed Formula ensure consistent quality and results.  They also have a great Fat Supplement.
Our Line of Complete Feeds consist of : SafeChoice Low Starch Horse Feeds, Lifeline and Step Right are our predominant Complete Feed Lines.
Forage is a huge component of a horses daily diet.  It should consist of 85 – 100% in most cases.   Forages consists mostly of hay, grass pasture or hay cubes and can be supplemented with beet pulp and soy pellets as additional forage sources.
When nutritional needs cannot be attained with the hay then supplementation should occur.
Hay cubes by AlfaTec consist of a Timothy/Grass mix and makes a great  forage alternative to long stem hay.  More Info.
Timothy Balance Hay Cubes – A hay cube that is Timothy and Beet Pulp, no Alfalfa. and a guaranted NSC of 10% or less.  More Information
Beet Pulp in 20 kg bags make an great fibre source when needed.  Pelletized they require soaking overnight prior to feeding and do contain molasses.  Molasses is removed by soaking and rinsing when required.
Beet Pulp with no added molasses is also available.  More information.
Soy Pellets in 20 kg bags (a great highly digestible fibre source) This product has a very low glycemic index and does not contain molasses (therefore no rinsing is require).  More Information.
Oats are a common source of carbohydrates, available as whole or rolled.
We prefer to supply oats that have been processed without the addition of molasses.
Our supplier bags these specifically for our distribution system.   Available in 20 kg bags.
Complete Feed is a convenient and common method of feeding your horse its protein and  mineral needs.
We carry

Tribute Equine Nutrition – Ration Balancer and Fat Supplements

SafeChoice Complete Feeds - Low Starch Formulations for all Life Stages

SafeChoice Low Starch Feed Information.

The information on this website is provided by feedstore to your door inc. as informational only.  You should discuss your needs with your veterinarian or nutritionist.