MIXTURE B  SEED for semi dry, dark brown soils



Crested Wheatgrass, Kirk


Smooth Bromegrass, Carlton


Alfalfa, Hannas High Tech Brand


Slender Wheatgrass


This mixture is very similar to Mixture A with the exception of the inclusion of our Hannas High Tech Alfalfa. Mixture B is recommended principally as a pasture mixture for semi-dry areas and dark brown soils. The addition of Alfalfa means that this mixture can also be hayed. Bromegrass, Crested Wheatgrass and Slender Wheatgrass have excellent grazing properties as does the Alfalfa under proper grazing management.

  • Brome is suitable for a variety of soil and climate conditions. It is best adapted to the moister parts of the Dark Brown, the Black and the Gray Wooded Soil Areas and the Irrigated Areas but will adapt to a wide range of growing conditions.Brome is winter hardy, fairly alkali tolerant and moderately tolerant of acid and saline soils.Brome is used extensively as a high yielding grass for both hay & pasture. It is a high producing grass for grazing; the majority of the production occurs in the spring and early summer, goes dormant during the summer, and some slow regrowth in late summer and fall.Brome is higher in protein and lower in energy than many of the other grass species at the same stages of maturity.
  • Crested Wheatgrass is also very winter hardy & fairly tolerant to alkaline, saline and acidic soils, adapted to the Brown and Dark Brown soil areas.Crested Wheatgrass is extremely drought tolerant but will tolerate short periods of spring flooding.As Crested Wheatgrass starts growing early in the spring it makes good spring pasture and it is very tolerant of grazing, including early season grazing.
  • The Hannas High Tech Alfalfa Brand is a blend of 5 certified Alfalfa varieties. The blend consists of three tap root (standard) varieties, one multi leaf and one creeping root variety. The standard varieties indicate good cold tolerance, good drought tolerance, very good winterhardiness. Useful in one to two cut harvest programs and in intensively managed grazing programs. The creeping rooted variety is extremely winterhardy and drought tolerant.

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