Alfalfa, Hannas High Tech Brand


Timothy, Climax


Mixture I is a high yielding hay mixture with quick regrowth in the fall. Mixture I is best suited for the black and grey wooded soil areas and exhibits very good performance under a variety of soil and weather conditions.

  • The Hannas High Tech Alfalfa Brand is a blend of 5 certified Alfalfa varieties. The blend consists of three tap root (standard) varieties, one multi leaf and one creeping root variety. The standard varieties indicate good cold tolerance, good drought tolerance, very good winterhardiness. Useful in one to two cut harvest programs and in intensively managed grazing programs. The creeping rooted variety is extremely winterhardy and drought tolerant.
  • Timothy is adapted to the wetter parts of the Black and the Gray Wooded Soil areas and the irrigated area.Timothy is winter hardy, tolerant of acid soil conditions (pH <5.5) and is suited for use on low lying peat soils. It withstands some spring flooding and thrives on waterlogged soils but does not tolerate shade, drought, alkalinity or salinity.

    Timothy is suitable for both hay production and for pasture.

    Timothy is high in energy and low in protein compared to other grasses.

    Alma is a medium maturing timothy, semi-erect, fine stemmed, leafy with a tall seed head.

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