MIXTURE K  SEEDS for hay and pasture





Meadow Bromegrass, Fleet


Smooth Bromegrass, Carlton


Timothy, Climax


Tall Fescue


Alsike Clover


Red Clover


Mixture K is a new, dual purpose mixture that can be utilized for both hay or pasture. It is appropriate for the dark brown, black and grey wooded soil areas. Mixture K is a high yielding, winter hardy blend. When used for pasture, the meadow brome and the orchardgrass serve to make this mixture extremely palatable for cattle. When used for hay, this mixture results in a very high quality product.

  • Meadow Brome grows well on the moister parts of the dark brown, black, grey wooded soil and irrigated areas of the province.Meadow Brome is very winter hardy and drought tolerant. It does not tolerate flooding but will tolerate moderately acid to alkaline soils.Meadow Brome is an excellent pasture grass as it starts growing early in the spring, regrows quickly after grazing in a rotational grazing program, and grows throughout the summer.

    Meadow Brome produces high quality hay either in a mixture or as a pure stand with good regrowth for more than one cutting or late summer grazing.

  • Orchardgrass grows best on moist, highly fertile, well drained soils and is best adapted to the warmer areas of the Gray Wooded Soils, the Black Soils receiving more than 450 cm (18 in) of precipitation and the areas under irrigation.Orchardgrass is moderately winter hardy and will withstand short periods of drought.Orchardgrass is moderately tolerant of acid and saline conditions but will not tolerate alkaline conditions.

    Orchardgrass is a high yielding grass species that regrows quickly to yield more than one crop or cutting per year and starts to grow fairly early in the spring.

    Orchardgrass is well adapted for hay production and is an excellent grass for pasture that will be preferentially grazed by livestock in mixed stands.

    Orchardgrass is the most shade tolerant and one of the most digestible and palatable grass species.

  • Alsike Clover grows best in parts of Area #3 and in Areas #4 and #5. It is well adapted to low moist areas and can withstand spring flooding for up to six weeks.Alsike Clover is extremely cold and frost tolerant – very winter hardy. It is well suited to acid soils (pH <6.0), tolerates alkaline conditions but does not tolerate salinity, drought and high temperatures.The bloat hazard of alsike clover is similar to that of Alfalfa.

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