Companions Choice Pre and Probiotics for Pets.CompanionChoicewith pets


An Oral Prebiotic and Probiotic Paste for Pets.

Introducing your first line of defence in resolving and preventing digestive upsets in your pet, show and breeding animal.  Companions Choice is all natural, live and protected, probiotics for small animals such as dogs, cats and other pets.

How does Companions Choice Work?

Companions Choice is a live oral probiotic paste designed to enhance and restore appetite and digestion in small animals.

Companions Choice is used as to supplement an animal’s own production of digestive enzymes and provides for a faster and more complete breakdown of feed into nutrients and energy.

Companions Choice is specifically formulated using quality tested ingredients including:  effective bacterial cultures, live reproducible yeast, enzymes and vitamins to resolve digestive upsets.

When do you use Companions Choice?

During stressful time and events such as:

  • Diarrhea and/or Loose Stools
  • Pre and post surgery
  • During antibiotic therapy
  • Show, performance or work events
  • Travelling or Moving
  • Diet Changes
  • Periods of increased food for required weight gains
  • Deworming
  • Giving Birth and Lactation
  • Newborns
  • Heat Stress
  • Any other changing conditions.

What is the Flavour and will my animal eat it?

Companions Choice has a natural cheese flavour that is readily eaten by most dogs and cats.

The easy to use 30 cc tube can be fed directly into the animals mouth.

Easy to apply Granular is top dressed on feed

Companions Choice Products Require No Refrigeration.

Proof that our live cultures are stable and NOT altered by temperature changes.

Companions Choice Guarantees LIVE and REPRODUCIBLE YEAST

Too scavenge and remove oxygen to return to a normal and natural digestive state.

Companions Choice Delivers Stable Cultures and Enzymes

Able to survive manufacturing processes to ensure that neither cultures nor enzymes are altered.

Companions Choice includes Prebiotic Mannon Oligosaccarhide (MOS)

A superior mould and toxin binder to help remove toxins from the digestive system – reducing impaired digestion.

Companions Choice

Available in 125g Shaker, 600g Jar or 30 cc Paste

Companions Choice Further Information

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