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Hahn Plastics

Mud Control Grid

Mud Control Grid

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Mud Control Grids by Hahn Plastics

Are you tired of dealing with muddy and slippery surfaces on your property? Look no further than our mud control grids, designed to withstand all weather conditions. Whether you're experiencing drought or heavy rain, our grids provide a stable and secure surface for animals, vehicles, foot traffic, and more. Plus, they're easy to install and require minimal maintenance. Don't let mud slow you down – upgrade to our mud control grids today!

Mud Control Grids lift you, your horses, Poultry, Livestock and even vehicles out of the mud! Easy to install, re-use and extend. Hoof-friendly. No ground prep needed. Won’t sink in deep mud. 

Also protects dry ground areas from heavy compaction caused by animal, people and equipment traffic.  

Having problems with seed establishment.  Prepare your soil, seed and place the Mud Control Grids to protect the newly seeded area.  Once the area is established lift the Mud Control Grids up and you have a newly seeded area.

Each Mud Control Grid is 19 5/8" x 19 5/8", weighs 14.77 lb and is made from 100% recycled plastic.  MADE IN CANADA.

 Mud Control Grid Information and Installation 

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