SafeChoice Horse Feed

Formulated with controlled sugar and starch, the SafeChoice line has an ideal blend of energy from the three major fuel sources; containing highly digestible fibre and increased fat levels from vegetable oils and rice bran.

Controlled sugar and starch

High Quality Protein sources that supports proper muscle maintenance and development

Balanced Vitamins and Minerals for overall metabolic and immune functions for a healthy horse

Includes added chelated trace minerals (cobalt, copper, zinc, manganese). Improves absorption and enhances bio-availability to heighten performance, hoof health, reproduction and immune response.

Increase levels of added biotin promoting growth of healthy hooves and hair coat

Highly palatable pelleted feed which your horse will love!  Ensures consistent nutrient intake and prevents sorting

A formulation that matches the evolving life stages of your horse.  All are available in 20 kg bags and are pelleted.


  • General formulation  balanced for all life stages – growing and mature horses
  • Ideal for large farms with a wide variety of horses and group feeding situations.
  • SafeChoiceOriginal

SafeChoice MARE & FOAL

  • Formulated for Broodmares and Foals
  • Get your new addition off to the right start
  • Balanced for correct macro- and micro- mineral levels to aid in proper bone growth and joint development
  • SafeChoiceMare& Foal Information

SafeChoice PERFORM

  • Formulated with the rigorous demands of the hard working performance horse athlete in mind
  • Low starch formulation controls energy needs
  • Energy-dense with added fat from vegetables oils and rice bran, enhances performance through glycogen sparing
  • Less Feed required to maintain body conditioning and stamina
  • Helps hard keepers gain and maintain healthy body condition
  • SafeChoicePerform Information


  • Formulated to meet the needs of the special needs of horses with metabolic issues related to starch intake
  • 11% starch
  • No corn or corn co-products is included in the formulation
  • SafeChoiceSpecialCare


  • Balanced energy with moderate calorie level for maintenance horses
  • Designed for horse whose energy needs is tapering off
  • Controlled starch formula that supports healthy digestion.
  • SafeChoiceMaintenance

SafeChoice SENIOR

  • Specially formulated to meet the needs of horses as they reach their golden years.
  • Can be made into soaked mash in minutes, easily chewed pellet
  • Improved blend Omega-3 & Omega-6 fatty acids to support immunity function and anti-inflammatory response
  • Aids those suffering from
  • Unexpected age-related weight loss
  • Exhibiting sluggishness
  • Experiencing issues with muscle or coat quality
  • Having difficulty chewing their hay
  • SafeChoiceSenior