Creeping Bentgrass (agrostis palustris) is used predominately for putting and lawn bowling greens, and golf course greens. It forms a high quality, fine textured turf under close, regular mowing. It requires high fertility and regular irrigation for best growth. It is very winter hardy. Creeping bentgrass tends to require frequent topdressing. Close mowing, careful watering and frequent fertilizing are essential.




Kentucky Bluegrass (poa pratensis) is the most important and widely used turfgrass in Canada. It is very winter-hardy, has an attractive green color and is capable of producing a high quality, fine textured turf. With medium management, Kentucky Bluegrass will tolerate a much higher temperature and drought stress; and remain green and actively growing throughout the entire summer.Kentucky Bluegrass is a general purpose turfgrass that is widely used on home lawns, parks, institutional grounds, roadsides and airfields. It has an excellent healing potential and is advantageously used on athletic fields and golf course tees and fairways. Due to its vigorous root and rhizome system it is very suitable for commercial sod production, either alone or in mixtures with turfgrasses. It is often seeded in a blend (two or more cultivars) or in a mixture (two or more species) to provide a turf with superior tolerance to the major environmental stresses encountered within a given habitat.




Creeping Red Fescue (festuca rubra) is an outstanding turfgrass in dry shaded locations but will grow well in full sun. It produces a dense, fine turf with some rhizome production. Creeping Red Fescue should be included in lawn, park and fairway mixtures for all areas. Creeping Red Fescue is a good shade and drought resistant turfgrass and more tolerant of dry soils of low fertility. It has a deep root system, good low temperature hardiness and a rapid establishment rate.




Perennial Ryegrass (lolium perenne) performs best in cool moist areas, has a dark green color and produces a dense turf. It possesses excellent mowing qualities and has good resistance to leaf spot and crown rust. Perennial Ryegrass performs well under moderate to low fertility, establishes quickly, and is compatible with other grasses.Crested Wheatgrass, Fairway (agropyron cristatum) has many fine stems, is relatively short, and is used as dryland turf. Crested Wheatgrass, Fairway, grows well on all soils and is particularly suited to sandy land and recovers rapidly from drought. It establishes quickly and easily and is extremely long lived.

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