We offer a variety of Supplements to aid in maintaining or improving your horses overall health.  Just click on the link to take you to specific details.

ISFlogo355C354U - use this oneA great line up of HORSE MINERAL AND VITAMINS by ISF (International Stock Food) featuring

  • Dan Patch Supreme,  with increased vitamins and minerals for hoof care and calming required of the performance horse, brood mare and stallion, in herbageum flavoured concentrate
  • horseSTART, with the right amounts for pleasure mounts, foals and stallions when needed
  • and Horse Specific, can be fed free choice to meet the needs of horses out to pasture for rest, play and fun.

Specialty horse minerals and vitamins such as ISF Biotin, ADE, Thiamine, Selenium/Vitamin E

All ProductsHaving issues with weight gain, poor performance, senior horses, laminitis, founder, then EQUINE CHOICE PROBIOTICS FOR HORSES may be a tool to help.  The proprietary protection of this product increases the results you are looking for.




ACID FX ACID NEUTRALIZER WITH L-GLUTAMINE by Equine Choice.  To be used in conjunction with Equine Choice Paste and Granular Supplement to settle your horse during trailering, decrease stomach acidity issues that may be interfering with performance, racing, sales and shows.

When your horses need more energy try Tribute Equine Nutrition K Finish fortified fat supplementEquine Power  or Canola Oil FAT SUPPLEMENTS