A combination that will enhance your present conditioning, breeding, overall nutrition program.  Together making a Winning Combination

Working for you and your horse to improve nutrition and nutrition education from the grass up.

Dan Patch Supreme Vitamin and Mineral

  • Better coat and hooves
  • Increased immunity
  • Bone & Ligament Growth
  • Enhanced overall metabolism
  • Economical $0.39 to $0.24 per day per head


Equine Choice Pre & Probiotic Supplement

  • Increase digestibility
  • Increase hay and water consumption
  • Hind Gut and Ulcer Care program
  • Improve foregut and hindgut issues
  • Decrease chance of colic


drySTART   – Reduce Harmful Ammonia

  • Enhance performance with ammonia reducing powder
  • Easily applied
  • Works immediately to reduce ammonia




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