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We delivery direct to your feedroom on a regular rotation cycle.   Feedstore to-your-door inc is a nutrition and farm supply company for pets, horses, and livestock.
Our retail customers appreciate our high quality products, excellent service, and high level of nutrition knowledge.

Feedstore to-your-door carries a wide variety of products.

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Feedstore to-your-door provides to your door delivery service.  Information on this unique service is available here  

Our delivery service is exemplary,  we now have Pick up available at our warehouse..

We have visited many barns and horse owners to help them achieve a nutrition plan for their animals, and will continue to do so.  This includes our popular Barn Talks which we have provided over the past couple of years, and will continue to do so this year.  If your barn or group would like a discussion on Nutrition please use this  “contact us” link and we will be happy to make arrangements.

We are able to provide specialty  products to help with those nutrition challenges that sometimes appears in life.  Here is a quick link to many of these products.    For quick access click on the link beside the picture to go directly to the information page.


equilix50_250sp-product-pasture-ranger EquiLix_4cSweetPro_Logo_4cSUPPLEMENT LICKS FOR HORSES AND LIVESTOCK







equestrianarenas KIFCO Irrigation WaterReels

Simplify your watering program for arenas, pasture, dust control.  Hose and sprinkler pulls out easily and then rewinds itself as it waters. 

All Products Equine Choice Pre & Probiotics for Equids with Digestive Issues or for Maintenance of Healthy Digestive System.
GE DIGITAL CAMERA AFX by Equine Choice – Equine Acid Buffer STOP Behavior caused by ACID SPLASH pain.
Concentrated Vitamin & Mineral for Horses Dan Patch Supreme Economical to Feed, Highly BioAvailable Horse Mineral
horseSTART Vitamin & Mineral Premix for Horses horseSTART–  Licorice Flavoured Vitamin and Mineral Mix for Horses
drySTART bag and pail drySTART – Helping the barn environment to decrease harmfull ammonia smells
Tribute Logo


Essential K Ration Balancer (high nutrient density for low calorie, low NSC and low feeding rate with highest level of protein building blocks)

EZ  Pellets are fed to hard working horses requiring LOW NSC and require added energy, horses with IR, Cushings, Metabolic Issues.

Ultra for performance horses that have higher energy requirements

K Finish highly fortified fat ration balancer

Stockmans Choicesmall Stockmans Choice Probiotics for Beef Cattle, Sheep and Goats. Also for Poultry and Swine

CompanionChoicewith pets
Companions Choice Pre &  Probiotics for Pets – to prevent or when digestive issues occur or when antibiotics are used.
Timothy Balance Hay Cubes Guaranteed NSC less than 10% for compromised horses
Soy Hull Pellets Highly Digestible fibre with low glycemic index.
ISFlogo355C354U - use this oneISF (International Stock Foods) Minerals for Cattle and Dairy Operations,  Poultry and Swine Operations and For Sheep and Goats
 img_product_siloguard2 SiloGuard II for Hay and Silage

Silo Guard II® is a forage additive that contains a patented combination of sulfur compounds and amylase that may help remove oxygen in the forage mass as well as help reduce the amount of yeast and mold. It is available as a dry granular product or a ready-to-use liquid.

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