About Us

As horse and pet owners ourselves, we know how important it is to get every element of animal care right.  That is why we are committed to supplying;

  • expert nutritional advice
  • quality feeds and supplements

as a key role in their care.  Within this site you will find information on some of the clinical conditions that could affect the healthy of your animal/bird.  How these conditions can be supported through nutrition and care products.  Our customers are impressed and rely on the science behind Feedstore to-your-door inc, our quality standards and of course our products.

Feedstore to-your-door is family run and has been for over 16 years.  Deborah has attained her Equine Science Diploma with honors through the University of Guelph and continues her education in animal nutrition thru attendance at conferences,such as the Tribute Ambassador Program and Equine Wellness Workshops.   As a Profession Equine Nutrition Specialist Deborah has helped hundreds of horse owners attain a balanced diet for their animals and pets enhancing their health and well being.