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Horses have evolved to be continual grazers with continual filling of the stomach.  When this is interrupted or the horse is put under additional stress digestive upset and issues can occur.  The first step is to evaluate the current feeding program and management practices to decrease the upset.  Then supplements can be added to aid in the healing and management of the condition.  

Symptoms of Digestive Upset

  • Poor body condition -  loses top line muscle. Greyhound look
  • On and off grain -  picky eater
  • Eats hay poorly and poor water drinker
  • Grinds teeth , Dunks hay
  • Miserable disposition
  • Cinchy  when saddled, grabs on to bit
  • Smelly Manure ( already a hindgut problem)
  • Bad hair coat, dull eye, listless.
  • May often colic
  • Sore on right side – by cecum

  • Tucked up underneath – like “greyhound”

  • Will not bend to right

  • Aggressive attitude especially when grooming

  • Recurring laminitis

Digestive Health & Support

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