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AFX by Equine Choice

AFX by Equine Choice

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AFX buffers stomach acid and protects the upper stomach from acid splash.

Administer 30 minutes prior to activity
+ Competition safe. Use as often as required
+ Balances pH in the stomach easing acid splash
+ Use on all horses in treatment or dealing with ulcers

Use during the weaning process, times of stress, in conjunction with medications for ulcer/stomach issues, or as a regular part of any training program. Provide clean fresh drinking water before and after AFX dose. AFX is used to buffer stomach acid, and help heal stomach lesions. Use no less than 30 ml per dose for effectiveness.


Calcium carbonate, lecithin, magnesium oxide, L-glutamine, purified water, canola oil, and flavour.


60 ml per day or every 6 hours during periods of activity or stress.

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