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Alfa-Timothy Cubes, LONGFibe Forage Replacement, MAAAX Forage Cubes

Alfa-Timothy Cubes, LONGFibe Forage Replacement, MAAAX Forage Cubes

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MAAAX Forage Cubes, Alfa-Timothy, LONGFibe Forage Replacement

Alfa-Timothy LONGfibe® Forage Cubes have comprised of alfalfa and timothy hay cut into 3-inch long pieces to provide long-stem forage when hay is in short supply. They do not require soaking and can be used as a supplement carrier or when a low-dust diet is required.

20 kg Bag

NO SOAKING REQUIRED.   MAAAX Cubes are lightly packed and break down easily.  Reducing the risk of choke.  If soaking is required MAAAX will soak in less than 20 minutes.

Feeding Instructions

  • Duration to transition to feeding change 7-10 days
  • Feed 1% - 2% of horses body weight per day when used as a full forage 
  • Calculation example:  1,000 lb (horse weight) x .02 (2% Target Feeding Rate) = 20 lb per day
  • MAAAX can be fed to all classes of horses as a total or partial forage replacement.  When replacing hay with MAAAX, replace pound for pound.


Alfalfa 60%

Timothy 40%


Crude Protein (min)   12%

Crude Fiber (max)      32%

Moisture (max)           12%

Why Feed MAAAX?

  • More Chew Time - MAAAX Cubes encourage increased chewing behavior and saliva production to increase gut health.
  • Virtually Dust Free - MAAAX Equine Feed reduces the risk of respiratory problems
  • Virtually  No Waste - Every cube is consumed whereas hay can end up as very expensive bedding
  • More "Cool" Energy - Contains 50% more digestible energy than some of the best quality hay
  • Guaranteed Nutrient Content - Every bag comes with a guaranteed analysis of nutrient composition.  
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