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Biotin (Vitamin H) by ISF

Biotin (Vitamin H) by ISF

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ISF Biotin (Vitamin H) Supplement gives the option to horse owners to increase just the Biotin levels of their rations. Herbs and spices flavouring have been added to help enhance palatability.  Also used for Cattle, Sheep, Goats, Swine and Poultry.

Supplementing Biotin is ideal when production and performance exceeds the expectation for nutrient requirements of that animal.  It is useful when animals are growing, sick and off feed, and for geriatric animals that may need additional supplementation to maintain a healthy lifestyle. 

Biotin plays an essential role in fatty acid and amino acid metabolism.  

May improve hooves by reducing heel warts, claw lesions, white line separations, sand cracks and sole ulcers.

Typical Use:

Add Biotin to rations to help improve foot health and in some circumstances to help horses improve reproduction. Biotin is one of the newest vitamins to be added to livestock feeds and much research is ongoing as to its effects. 

Feeding Rate:

Topdress or mix ISF Biotin (Vitamin H) Supplement with a balanced complete feed to provide the specified amounts according to the following table. Provide clean, fresh water at all times.


Species Per Head Per Day (Grams)
Horses – Heavy 100
Horses – Light 50
Sheep 25
Goats 25
Poultry .5
Calves and Beef Cattle 50
Swine 1
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