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Cool Command Fat Supplement

Cool Command Fat Supplement

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Cool Command Fat supplement

• A concentrated energy supplement suitable for all types of horses.
• Cool Command provides essential fatty acids for skin and hair condition, as well as calories needed to weight gain and exercise performance
• Cool Command contains 5 times the fat of an equal amount of stabilized rice bran. That is, 8 lb of Cool Command has the fat content of 40 lb of rice bran.
• Cool Command does not conflict with fortified feeds.

Recommended Use:
• Provides calories for weight gain
• Fat has 2.5 times the energy of grain
• Provides cool energy
• Feeding fat may decrease excitability
• No sugar no starch

Give 1-3 scoops per day; one scoop is 25 grams, administer orally on a full stomach.
For use in horses only. Measuring scoop included with product.

Elasis Guineeses oil, Lecithin
Size:  2.5 kg Pail - 33 day supply at 75 g per day

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