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Dan Patch Supreme

Dan Patch Supreme

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Economical to Feed, Highly BioAvailable Horse Complete Vitamin & Mineral 

Dan Patch Supreme Vitamin and Mineral Supplement for Horses,  is packed with full complement of highly bio-available vitamins and minerals,  special additives, probiotics, herbs and spices natural flavoring as well as B-vitamins. ISF Dan Patch Supreme was designed for horses undergoing more intensive activities or subjected to stressful situations.Dan Patch was the famous Standardbred race horse that was owned by the founder of ISF. Dan Patch broke the one mile pacing record of 1:55 minutes in 1906 which he held for 32 years. That special Dan Patch supplemental formula lives on in today’s modernized Dan Patch Supreme formulation.  Before a crowd of 93,000 in 1906 Dan Patch the Standardbred Horse Trotter created a new world record.  Check out our facebook page to view the race!

Typical Use:
ISF Dan Patch Supreme is now fed to all classes of horses when optimum nutritional supplementation is desired. Originally developed for high intensity racing horses like Dan Patch, this highly fortified product is now routinely fed to Heavy Horses, Standardbreds, Thoroughbreds and active pleasure horses across Canada. Horses just love the taste and aroma of this simple to use,highly effective and nutritionally sound specialty product.  This product also works well for horses that are suffering from metabolic issues, digestive issues, ulcers, and hind gut acidosis.

Cost per day for 1000 lb horse

Fed at 50 g per day $0.34 - $0.54 per day per head. (dependent on size of product purchased)

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