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Derma Gel®

Derma Gel®

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Derma Gel® 

provides and maintains a moist, epidermal environment with the ability to help clean the surface, encourage natural hair re-growth and maximise skin smoothness. Derma Gel® does not contain steroids and is completely safe to use on a mare in foal and competition horses.

• Maintains a moist wound environment to prevent scab formation.
• Allows epithelial cells to migrate across the wound, multiply and enhance healing.
• Encourages wounds to heal from the sides as well as the bottom.
• Allows for production of new epithelial cells that are identical to those lost.
• Does not harm the wound.
• Does not contain any mutagenic agents.
• Provides thermal insulation and a bacterial barrier.
• Helps promote healing.

Derma Gel is an isotonic hydrogel made of high-molecular-weight polymers that promotes wound healing in all animal species

Can be used on horses and dogs


Spray - 50 ml

Ointment - 100 ml

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