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Equine Power

Equine Power

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is the high fat, high protein, low sugar, and low starch weight gain supplement that works for all kinds of horses

Available is 10 kg pail or 20 kg Box

What's in equinePOWER®?

29% crude fat (all plant-based)
20% crude protein
Flax for Omega-3 fatty acids
Canola for oil and protein
Alfalfa for protein and fiber
No high sugar (only 3%)
No high starch (only 11%)
No tallow or animal fat
Complete Ingredients
Canola Seeds, Ground Flaxseeds, Peas (Pulse Starch), Oat Hulls, Dehydrated Alfalfa Meal, Horse Essence Flavouring (Reg. No. 981452), No Mold 85® (Reg. No. 982320), Santoquin® Liquid Antioxidant (Reg. No. 981717)
Feeding Guidelines
Activity Level / Life Stage Daily Intake (grams) Daily Intake (Scoops)
Maintenance 125 1
Light Exercise 500 4
Moderate Exercise 875 7
Heavy Exercise 1500 12
Pregnant Mare Late Gestation 500 – 750 4 – 6
Lactating Mare Early Lactation 1500 12
Late Lactation 1250 10
These feeding guidelines are based on an average 500 kg horse on a forage-based diet. Please use the enclosed 125 gram measuring cup to measure quantities.
Additional Notes:
 Use the feeding table for guidance when supplementing with equinePOWER™, and feed alongside a complete diet consisting of free access to good quality hay or pasture. Make adjustments to your horses’ diet gradually over a three week period.
 Horses should be maintained at a body condition score of 3.5. Make adjustments to the inclusion level of equinePOWER™ should your horses body condition score be greatly above, or below 3.5.
 Clean water of good quality should be available freely at all times to your horse. If questionable, water samples can be tested by a laboratory in your area. Ensure that horses that have been exercised are properly cooled down and rehydrated before being fed.
 Feeding amounts of equinePOWER™ greater than 375 grams (three scoops) per day should be divided into several feeding periods over the course of a day.
 Speak with veterinarian or nutritionist before feeding equinePOWER™ in quantities greater than 1500 grams.
 Should your horses manure become loose, reduce the amount of equinePOWER™ being fed until your horse adjusts. Then slowly begin increasing the amount until desired level is reached.
 Free choice salt and mineral should be available at all times.
 For growing foals, please consult with your nutritionist or veterinarian to choose a program that will optimize the growth of your animal.
 Please consult your nutritionist or veterinarian for selecting the proper nutrition program for breeding stallions and pregnant mares.
 Early lactation is defined as the period between birth and three months lactation. Late lactation is defined as the period between months four and six of lactation. Late gestation often finds a mares gut capacity reduced due to fetal growth, is defined as months nine through birth.
 equinePOWER™ is a superb option for feeding geriatric horses. Consult your veterinarian or nutritionist for advice on feeding equinePOWER™ to your senior horse.
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