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Fresh Coop Odor Control

Fresh Coop Odor Control

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Fresh Coop Odor Control

Odour Control - for Backyard Chickens,  Fresh Coop A chicken coop odor neutralizer created with you in mind.

Fresh Coop(TM) delivers the latest technology in odour management for backyard chickens.  Activated Barn Fresh Fresh Coop Odor Control product keeps nesting areas drier and fresher, providing a healthier environment for both you and your chickens. 

This chicken coop odor neutralizer combines natural Food Chemical Codex Grade Diatomaceous Earth with Calcium Monorillonite and non-GMO Citric Acid to eliminate harmful ammonia levels, control odors and absorb moisture in your backyard chicken coop.

Activated Barn Fresh Fresh Coop Odor Control can be used with backyard chickens, pullets, layers, quail, ducks, turkeys, pigeons, and pheasants.

Available in 3.18 kg and 9.07 kg

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