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Hi Pro Feeds

Hen Scratch by Hi Pro Feeds

Hen Scratch by Hi Pro Feeds

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Hi-Pro Chicken Scratch mixes only the highest quality cracked corn with milo and wheat to provide an excellent source of grain for poultry.

Yellow corn is cleaned then cracked to just the right size for chicken feeding.  Whole milo and whole wheat are then blended in for variety.

Feed as a source of grain for poultry. Grain furnishes the energy part of the ration for the flock. Additional protein, vitamins, and minerals must be added to provide a nutritional, healthy diet.

Available in 20 kg Bag

For laying chickens: Mix 1 part scratch and 1 part Hi-Pro 20% Layer Ration.

For young chickens, ducks, turkeys: Mix 1/3 scratch and 2/3 Hi-Pro 20% Layer Ration to provide a 16% crude protein  diet. Mix ¼ scratch and ¾ Hi-Pro 20% Layer Ration to provide a 17% crude protein diet.

For laying hens not producing eggs: When hens are not producing eggs, scratch grains or home grown grain can be used in combination with Hi-Pro 15% Layer Ration for maintenance.

Very young poultry should be fed a nutritionally balanced complete feed because scratch grains cannot be utilized efficiently.

Fresh clean water is the most important nutrient. Provide abundant amounts at all times


Crude Protein 8.0%
Crude Fat 3.9%
Crude Fiber 2.5%
Phosphorus 0.3%
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