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Farmstead Life Feeds

Hog Grower/Finisher Complete Feed by Farmstead Life

Hog Grower/Finisher Complete Feed by Farmstead Life

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Soy-Fee, all-natural Hog Grower & Finisher - without medication.  Formulated with the Bio-stead Balance Plus+ system.  Includes:

  • probiotics
  • balanced protein
  • amino acids
  • omega fatty acids

This feed can be safely fed to piglets 4 weeks old to market weight, supporting healthy weight gain and fine meat quality, in any style of pig management.  This feed offers you a 100% complete ration that supports healthy growth, no other supplements should be required.

All Farmstead Feeds are locally sourced, Fresh-Milled in small batches.  Always made without preservatives, medication, fillers or junk ingredients.

Available in 22 kg bags


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