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Quiessence™ Magnesium and Chromium Formula for Horses by Foxden

Quiessence™ Magnesium and Chromium Formula for Horses by Foxden

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Quiessence is a Magnesium and Chromium Formula Designed to support normal glucose metabolism, balanced behavior and relaxation in equines.  As well as providing  Magnesium for the body, the supplement provides synergistic B vitamins and Chromium.  

Giving additional Magnesium and Chromium to cresty, insulin resistant, founder prone horses and ponies may help reduce the tendency to founder. Magnesium supports peripheral circulation to the extremities,which may ease sore feet and promote healing in foundered animals. Chromium has been shown to improve glucose clearance by improving insulin sensitivity in various classes of livestock.  Quiessence" provides high levels of Magnesium and Chromium a pelleted form.

Quiessence• provides 3.75 g Magnesium (3.7 g from Magnesium Oxide,and .05 g from Magnesium Potentiate), and 1.25 mg of Chromium Piccoilnate per 1 ounce measure in a palatable,pelleted base of distiller's grains.
Quiessence•Contains:Magnesium Oxide,Magnesium Proteinate, Sodium Chloride, Chromium Piccolinate, Ameribond (binder), Flavoring, Distillers Grains, Powersweet, Vegetable Oil, Wheat Mids.

 Directions for Use: Administer l oz per 250 1b. body weight per day to start. Drop to 1/2 oz per 250 lb body weight per day when improvement is evident. Adjust accordingly for different body weights and results.  May be given on an as needed basis as well.
Quiessence• should not be given to horses with impaired kidney function or those with restricted water intakes. Quiessence• should not be administered to horses with PSSM/EPSM.

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