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SAND-BAN, bulk forming fibre

When horses are fed on sandy soil, they can easily ingest the sand.  Sand does not easily flow thru the horses digestive tract.  Eaten in enough quantities blockage can occur.  Feeding a source of Psyllium Husk encourages the movement through the digestive tract.

SAND-BAN is suitable as a nutritional adjunct to horses grazing on sandy soil, or horses spending significant time in sand arenas. With the inclusion of Psyllium Husk, Sand-Ban encourages healthy movement throughout the gastrointestinal tract

Available in 1 kg jar

Active ingredients.

Per 70g: Plantago ovata 28g, Bentonite 21g, Glycine Max 17.15g.

Administer orally.
For Horses: Feed 70g twice daily for seven consecutive days each month.

 For Ponies, Yearlings and Weanlings: Feed 35g twice daily for seven consecutive days each month.

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