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Sheep Specific by ISF

Sheep Specific by ISF

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Sheep Specific by ISF is a vitamin and mineral supplement for Sheep with no added Copper.  Feeding rate of 30 g per head per day

Product Description:

ISF Sheep Specific supplements the base diet with the required quantities of the major minerals and will provide all the trace minerals and vitamins needed for sheep production. Herbs and spices flavouring has been included to help enhance palatability.

Typical Use:

Use with rations including corn or cereal silage along with good quality hay as the forage sources. Can also be used in diets of just good quality hay and grain.

Feeding Rate:

Mix 25 kg of ISF Sheep Specific with grain and protein sources to make 1000 kg of supplemental ration. Feed this ration at a rate of 1.2 kg per head per day. This will supply 30 grams of ISF Sheep Specific per head per day. Feed this supplemental ration along with adequate forage and supply clean fresh water at all times.

Highly bioavailable mineral with a Calcium:Phosphorus ratio designed to be fed to all phases of sheep production.  

Highly fortified in trace minerals and vitamins.

CAUTION:  Sheep are susceptible to copper deficiency and copper toxicity.

Available in 5 kg and 10 kg pail, 25 kg bag

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