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Step 7 Horse Mineral Mash

Step 7 Horse Mineral Mash

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20 kg Bag
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Step Right Horse Mineral is a complete vitamin and mineral supplement in a concentrated loose formulation. It is intended for horses consuming non-complete feeds such as oats or COB (corn, oats, barley). This product has been formulated for superior equine performance, improved hoof health and growth, and improved immune function.

8 Kg Bag

20 kg Bag

Features and Benefits:

  • A safe, convenient option to ensure your horse is getting well supplied with trace minerals and fat-soluble vitamins, even if they are not consuming a lot of concentrate feeds.
  • Suitable for broodmares, horses on pasture and over-conditioned horses.
  • Cost-effective to top dress any horse’s non-fortified feeds or mix 50/50 with loose salt and feed free choice.
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