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Purina Equine Nutrition

SuperFibra Integri-T Horse Feed by Purina

SuperFibra Integri-T Horse Feed by Purina

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SuperFibra Integri-T is a unique and specialized feed.

A market leader with a guaranteed 10% (max) sugar/ starch content (NSC - nonstructural carbohydrates). SuperFibra Integri-T is a complete feed designed to meet the special nutrient requirements of maintenance, exercising, breeding horses and yearlings that require a low sugar/starch diet. SuperFibra Integri-T is ideal for horses that “tie-up” and get excited after consuming grains, have a history of laminitis or Cushing’s disease or are insulin resistant. SuperFibra Integri-T is formulated with certified quality ingredients and is manufactured exclusively in our specialized and drug-free facility in Strathroy, Ontario.

Ideal for insulin resistant horse and more

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25 kg bag 

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