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Timothy Alfalfa Hay Cubes

Timothy Alfalfa Hay Cubes

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Timothy Alfalfa  Cubes by AlfaTec

Timothy Alfalfa  Cubes are 7/8" and can be fed as a supplement or a complete forage replacement. Made from a blend of locally grown premium alfalfa hay and premium timothy hay – half and half of each.  

Can be fed as a complete forage replacement.

20 kg Bags are a stock item.  500 kg totes available by special order.


Alfalfa 40%

Timothy 40%

Mixed Grass 20%

When to Feed Timothy Alfalfa Cubes

  1. As a supplement: Timothy alfalfa cubes can be used as a supplement to your animals' primary forage source, such as grass hay or pasture. They are particularly useful when the primary forage is lacking in certain nutrients or when you want to enhance the overall nutritional profile of the diet.

  2. For animals with specific dietary needs: Some animals, such as horses, may benefit from timothy alfalfa cubes if they require a higher protein or energy content in their diet. This can be especially important for horses in heavy work or young growing horses.

  3. As a transitional feed: When transitioning animals to a new diet or forage source, timothy alfalfa cubes can be used as a bridge to help them adjust to the change gradually.

  4. For animals with dental issues: Timothy alfalfa cubes can be easier to chew and digest than long-stemmed forages like hay, making them a good option for animals with dental problems.

  5. During times of hay shortages: If you experience a shortage of high-quality hay or your primary forage source is limited, timothy alfalfa cubes can be used to help meet your animals' dietary needs.

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